Viktor & Rolf - Flowerbomb Nectar (Review)

Hi guys!

Welcome back! I hope you've been enjoying the blog and hope you enjoy my new review on Viktor & Rolf's NEW Flowerbomb Nectar.

So where do I even begin on the Viktor & Rolf - Flowerbomb Nectar. I absolutely love this scent! The fragrance is meant to represent the magical and surreal journey into the heart of the flower and an intense and fierce explosion of fresh and metallic accents and an intense floral agreement. Can I just say that the scent is absolutely is amazing! I love all of the floral smells! This is a great addition to the original Flowerbomb that was introduced. 

For those of you that are probably thinking is this for me? Well look if you love bursts of smell that don't fade through day then yes! But if you get sensitive to thick smells then try it in store before buying it. I've been using it for a month now and its great before going out, I got so many compliments. I also found that it was great for work as well in small doses as I knew some of my work colleagues react to strong perfumes. But overall, I found that I really did love this new fragrance and it worked so well for day to day use. 

If you love florally metallic smells then this is definitely for you!

TRESemme - Repair & Protect 7 (Review)

Hi all, 

TRESemme have launched their new damage repair range. It visibly reduces damage in just one use, repairing 7 types of damage (from blow drying, curling, braiding, straightening, colouring, twisting and brushing). Now that is a lot to live up to! My hair gets so damaged after shoots with everything thats done to it. I've actually had to sit in the shower for 45 minutes with my hair soaked in conditioner just to get out the teasing that was done to it! So if this works, it will be a miracle. 

What i've get from this range is the shampoo, conditioner, mast and styling spray. Now the shampoo and conditioner contain biotin which is actually great at making your hair stronger and shinier. Which also means that there will be less breakage, which is what you really want so you don't end up with a whole lot of split ends. 

I've been using the shampoo, conditioner and mask every second day for a month now. Some people may think that excessive, but my hair needs to be cleaned every second day. Sometimes twice in a row depending on what has been done to my hair on a shoot. What I've found is that yes my hair is breaking less, which is what i really wanted out of this. My hair was also shinier, but what if found really interesting was that i got some of my natural curl back. I generally don't see it until i get a hair cut, so to see it now is a actually such a surprise and i'm quite happy. Instead of just having this mess of fluff of hair every day, i have some curl. 

Okay i've got on long enough about how much i like my hair now haha. the styling spray i also found useful when i needed to use it a couple of days here and there for certain up styles. It wasn't as heavy in my hair either which was a nice change. So that also gets an A+.

Overall i cannot fault the product and it smells really good. Thumbs up all around!

Lancome Paris - Teint Idole Ultra Wear (Review)

Hey guys, 

So today (and yesterday) i've been testing out the new Lancome Paris - Teint Idole Ultra Wear. Now i was lucky enough that when i got this online they has a conversion available so you could see what shade you were by comparing foundation you had bought from other brands. This was a life saver for me. It was pretty much spot on when i got it. 

Testing this foundation i needed it to pass 3 tests. 1) It would not rub off on my clothes, 2) It was able to last all day without fail, 3) would not make me break out the next day. 

So for the first test obviously it was easy to test. I ended up decided to wear it on a day i knew i would be doing a lot of physical activity at work. So imagine i've done my makeup and i'm now about to put on my work shirt. My hearts pounding as i don't want to dirty it because then its just extra laundry i don't want to have to do. But YAS! I've managed to put my shirt on and not get any foundation on it, now i know you thinking i might have tried everything to not get it on my shirt, but i swear i just threw it over my head and it brushed down by face. So this first test is a win. 

Second test up, i've gone all day wearing this lovely foundation which is quite light i might add. Now most of the time i find that some foundations will normally start to scale near the nose, but this did not happen with the Teint Idole Ultra Wear. I was doing a lot of physical activity, but i wasn't sweating like a pig at the gym. Another win, so 2/3 so far. 

The third test is really important to me. I find that after shooting, the next day depending on the brand the makeup artist has used, i could end up breaking out really badly. So today comes and we are in the home stretch. I've woken up to not having broken out. My skin is also not overly dry, which is great.

My three important tests have now been passed and i'm happy to say, i'm a happy wearer!! ALSO LADIES! It comes in 40 shades :D  

Lancome Paris - Genifique Light Pearl (Review)

Hey guys, 

Today i'm going to review the Lancome Paris - Genifique Light Pearl. Now this is here to get rid of the dar circles around your eyes. Yep i'm excited! Now i hate wearing makeup during the day, and i mean HATE it! This is why i'm so excited about this, the one thing that i get conscious about, is my dark circles. Mostly because i feel like my dark circles make me look like i want to murder someone, which i don't (most of the time haha). So again i'm going to do a 2 week trial with this one. But i'm going to cut it down to each week because find that at the end of each week there was a difference to talk about. 

Week 1

Now i had to google how to use this when i first got it. But for those who are confused you actually have to use the little long piece attached to the lid to help massage the serum into your skin. Now when you do this under you eyes and on your black circles, for me, it made them puffy and darker then what they were originally. I was a little worried on the first day, but don't worry, its not permanent. You leave the excess serum rubbed in under your eyes while you sleep. after the first day, i was amazed at the results. Its could be because i was expecting to see something and i thought i saw it, but we'll never know. After the first week thought i saw a difference. My black spots weren't as dark as what they were when i started, and i was almost 100 percent sure they also learnt as big

Week 2

Week two has now come to an end and i would love to give you some great outcomes. My bags are sooo much lighter then when i originally started. So much so that when i get out of bed and look at myself in the mirror i think, omg you slept great last night! This has been an absolutely amazing outcome, and i'm finding it so much easier to not wear makeup everyday. Which not wearing makeup has also made my skin so much softer and i haven't had any break outs. 

So in conclusion (besides sounding like an essay) this product actually works and it works so well i think i may be obsessed with it!! Go try it today! Trust me its worth it!

Lancome Paris - Genifique Hydrogen Melting Mask (Review)

So i luckily got a chance to try out the new Lancome Paris - Genifique Hydrogen Melting Mask, and can i say i was actually really impressed. The results were better then what i expected which is absolutely great! 

Initially when pulling it out of the packet i found it hard to pull out without getting my hand messy with the serum that they use. It takes some time to actually get your grip on the mask and get it onto your face. Can i just say that i was in no way graceful at it haha.

Once on your face you have the option of leaving it on the 10 minutes (usually before you begin your day), 20 minutes (in the evening) or 30 minutes (before you go to bed). I opted for the 30 minutes because why not. Now i must say that that mask is large because its make to fit all faces, so it took some time to place it where i wanted it to be. But once its on you may need to lay back to keep it in place. As said before, there is a lot of serum. After the 30 minutes, i took it off and washed my face. I didn't notice a difference straight away but i was hopeful that by the next morning i might see some differences.

Indeed the next morning i did see some differences. My face seemed to have more life in it, and i generally look terrible when i wake up. I also found that it made my skin softer then normally, especially after a whole day of shooting the day before. 

So overall, i was really happy with this product and would recommend for those who wear a lot of makeup during the day. I also found it helps for dry skin making it more moist if used for 30 minutes the night before.