Kulani Kinis Review

Hey guys!

I know its been a while but i thought i would share a review with you about the bikini brand Kulani Kinis.

I’m here to say that this has to be my most favourite brand of swimwear. Its not only affordable but the fit is amazing and the prints are also amazing. They also have great customer service so if you ever have any questions about sizing they are able to give detailed info about it. So you might be wondering is this post just because they’ve asked me to write something? Well NO! I have been buying from them for the last 5 years. they are my go to for whenever i go overseas and want new kinis. The swimwear i have from them, (from 5 years ago), are still going strong with no fade of the colour and no excessive stretching.

So please, this is to all the girls that ask me my favourite swimwear brand… go for KULANI KINIS!

If you think you have a better brand let me know and i’ll test them out :)