Ellena Gene


Born and raised in suburban Sydney, Australia, Ellena Gene has been renowned for her bubbly personality, can-do attitude and her strong work ethic.

At the age of 8 Ellena's mother thought she had something special. After spending many weekends with family creating fashion videos and dance clips she decided to push her towards modelling. Ellena was then enrolled into acting and modelling/TV courses with a local agency.

During high school Ellena was able to show her skills in drama and video photography. This lead to being cast in numerous short films by local high school and University students.

Taking time off to finish a degree in Forensic Science, Ellena has now graduated and is freelancing as a model on the streets of Brisbane. 

"Taking time off was the best choice I ever made. It gave me a chance to find who I was as a person, while also giving me the opportunity to learn something I had always been interested in. I feel as though younger women, attempting to make it in the industry, should know how important an education is to fall back on."


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