TRESemme - Repair & Protect 7 (Review)

Hi all, 

TRESemme have launched their new damage repair range. It visibly reduces damage in just one use, repairing 7 types of damage (from blow drying, curling, braiding, straightening, colouring, twisting and brushing). Now that is a lot to live up to! My hair gets so damaged after shoots with everything thats done to it. I've actually had to sit in the shower for 45 minutes with my hair soaked in conditioner just to get out the teasing that was done to it! So if this works, it will be a miracle. 

What i've get from this range is the shampoo, conditioner, mast and styling spray. Now the shampoo and conditioner contain biotin which is actually great at making your hair stronger and shinier. Which also means that there will be less breakage, which is what you really want so you don't end up with a whole lot of split ends. 

I've been using the shampoo, conditioner and mask every second day for a month now. Some people may think that excessive, but my hair needs to be cleaned every second day. Sometimes twice in a row depending on what has been done to my hair on a shoot. What I've found is that yes my hair is breaking less, which is what i really wanted out of this. My hair was also shinier, but what if found really interesting was that i got some of my natural curl back. I generally don't see it until i get a hair cut, so to see it now is a actually such a surprise and i'm quite happy. Instead of just having this mess of fluff of hair every day, i have some curl. 

Okay i've got on long enough about how much i like my hair now haha. the styling spray i also found useful when i needed to use it a couple of days here and there for certain up styles. It wasn't as heavy in my hair either which was a nice change. So that also gets an A+.

Overall i cannot fault the product and it smells really good. Thumbs up all around!