Lancome Paris - Genifique Light Pearl (Review)

Hey guys, 

Today i'm going to review the Lancome Paris - Genifique Light Pearl. Now this is here to get rid of the dar circles around your eyes. Yep i'm excited! Now i hate wearing makeup during the day, and i mean HATE it! This is why i'm so excited about this, the one thing that i get conscious about, is my dark circles. Mostly because i feel like my dark circles make me look like i want to murder someone, which i don't (most of the time haha). So again i'm going to do a 2 week trial with this one. But i'm going to cut it down to each week because find that at the end of each week there was a difference to talk about. 

Week 1

Now i had to google how to use this when i first got it. But for those who are confused you actually have to use the little long piece attached to the lid to help massage the serum into your skin. Now when you do this under you eyes and on your black circles, for me, it made them puffy and darker then what they were originally. I was a little worried on the first day, but don't worry, its not permanent. You leave the excess serum rubbed in under your eyes while you sleep. after the first day, i was amazed at the results. Its could be because i was expecting to see something and i thought i saw it, but we'll never know. After the first week thought i saw a difference. My black spots weren't as dark as what they were when i started, and i was almost 100 percent sure they also learnt as big

Week 2

Week two has now come to an end and i would love to give you some great outcomes. My bags are sooo much lighter then when i originally started. So much so that when i get out of bed and look at myself in the mirror i think, omg you slept great last night! This has been an absolutely amazing outcome, and i'm finding it so much easier to not wear makeup everyday. Which not wearing makeup has also made my skin so much softer and i haven't had any break outs. 

So in conclusion (besides sounding like an essay) this product actually works and it works so well i think i may be obsessed with it!! Go try it today! Trust me its worth it!