Balance Water (Review)

Hey Guys,

So i’ve been trying water from the company Balance.

Its locally sourced from a bottler who is only one of 5 who have a licence to bottle the spring water, which means they are not damaging the environment by using up all the natural resources.  The water is not shipped around the world so they don’t contribute to the carbon footprint, they are an all Australian product!!!!  The wildflowers are sustainably handpicked on private properties, so that means no farming.  

The bottle are PET and recyclable which is something I love about it! Contains no flavours, colours, preservatives, artificial additives, sugar or calories.

It has a mild diuretic property to help flush out all the things your body doesn’t want to keep, making you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Now this has made me feel so good, and I absolutely love it! My partner has also been drinking the water and he has found that he goes to the bathroom a lot more haha.

But honestly if your looking for a local water brand which has amazing bottle and is amazing quality then this is it!

You can find them at Coles and Woolies ;)