Lancome Paris - Genifique Hydrogen Melting Mask (Review)

So i luckily got a chance to try out the new Lancome Paris - Genifique Hydrogen Melting Mask, and can i say i was actually really impressed. The results were better then what i expected which is absolutely great! 

Initially when pulling it out of the packet i found it hard to pull out without getting my hand messy with the serum that they use. It takes some time to actually get your grip on the mask and get it onto your face. Can i just say that i was in no way graceful at it haha.

Once on your face you have the option of leaving it on the 10 minutes (usually before you begin your day), 20 minutes (in the evening) or 30 minutes (before you go to bed). I opted for the 30 minutes because why not. Now i must say that that mask is large because its make to fit all faces, so it took some time to place it where i wanted it to be. But once its on you may need to lay back to keep it in place. As said before, there is a lot of serum. After the 30 minutes, i took it off and washed my face. I didn't notice a difference straight away but i was hopeful that by the next morning i might see some differences.

Indeed the next morning i did see some differences. My face seemed to have more life in it, and i generally look terrible when i wake up. I also found that it made my skin softer then normally, especially after a whole day of shooting the day before. 

So overall, i was really happy with this product and would recommend for those who wear a lot of makeup during the day. I also found it helps for dry skin making it more moist if used for 30 minutes the night before.